Thursday, 11 February 2016

Company Research 5

My final choice for my company research is........Drum roll...............

(I chose this because I am left handed and being left handed rocks!)

Apart from the obvious reason of choice stated above I chose this company because, like Catfish Collective, they offer something a bit different from kids animation (I am not saying that kids animation is a bad thing, I am keen to work in many areas of animation!) and experiment with different types of media. 

Two left hands are an animation workshop based in Paris created by Sabotage studio, an alternative production and creative studio specialised in mixed media. I came across them whilst searching on the internet and at first was purely hooked by their website and logo design which I think look great! I have included a link here so you can see for yourself!

At two left hands there are sculptors, designers and animators, all who specialise in stop motion animation! This is an exciting company to come across (not that others aren't - of course they are!) but looking at a company that I would like to work for abroad and one that may speak another language was something I was really looking forward to researching into. In the past I learnt a little french, not that this means I could speak fluently (far from it!) but it doesn't hurt to know a bit! 

Two left hands offer commercials, music videos and short movies and have a really impressive and fun showreel! One of the things I noticed straight away was they have used some paper animation and also magazine cut out animations which are just great, pushing animation in other ways not just using a puppet. 

Their clients include: Citroen c3, Nutella, BBC 2, Mc Donalds, Diesel, Hotel Fl, Quechua, Volvic and Swiss credit. 

The Nutella advert is made out of paper... LOVE this style and design

Other work includes the wide range of music video clients including Babet - a lovely animation of paper objects of live footage and Zim's - using objects and people in stop motion which looks extremely fun and is something I have not had much practice at but would love to do more of!

above is the video for Babet

above is the video for Zim's

As for their short movies there are a couple that particularly stand out to me one is called The Gloaming, which uses a stop motion puppet and set that interacts with 2D animation. It is such a clever piece as it insinuates the puppet is God and as he looks down on the little planet Earth below him he sees the human race being born. It ends with him destroying the human race and therefore himself due to the horrible way humans have become. 

This short film will blow your mind... you have been warned!

A second short animation in complete contrast to the one above I like because the puppets are made out of felt giving it a more child friendly look. Duel a la recre (from what I can tell) is about encouraging kids to eat healthy foods because it will make you stronger and of course healthier! 

the bad guys

the good guys

The diesel advert is one that I straight away admired on the company's showreel because it was made out of magazine figures with 3d stop motion objects. I just think this is a really simple yet extremely effective way of producing animation and as I said about Catfish Collection, it comes as a breath of fresh air.  

(unfortunately I couldn't find any pictures, so if you would like to see the Diesel advert click here:

I aspire to work for this company because it has so much to offer and I feel I would have so much to offer them too. I would benefit from being somewhere where it welcomed stop motion being taken in a different direction and it would help me to widen my skills in animating other things not just an armature in a puppet. 

The five companies that I chose to research have really opened up my eyes to what it is I want from my career as an animator/model maker. Where before I visualised a future with puppet animation I am now more open to the possibility of mixed media and object animation. I would love to get into a company like Laika and Aardman to do the incredible work they do, as they are my biggest inspirations, but as well as that dream/goal I now also want to see what else is out there and take any opportunity to try something new and exciting!

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