Thursday, 11 February 2016

Company Research 4

The Fourth company I have chosen to research is Factory!

I first heard about Factory quite a while back, but it wasn't until a guest speaker a few weeks ago mentioned them that I remembered I had looked at their portfolio of work before! The company were originally called Factory Transmedia and are based in Altrincham, Cheshire.
Factory are an independent multi-genre animation studio who offer 2D, CGI, hybrid, live action and stop motion services.

Working for a range of global clients their productions are aimed at all ages. Some of these clients include: CBBC, cbeebies, BBC, Disney, Five, Milkshake, Nick Jr and Sky.

The company, which started off with a workforce of 6 people and now exceeds over 100, celebrated their 5th birthday in 2015 which was celebrated with the release of four high profile productions being aired.

These productions were:

Newzoids - Aired on ITV, this puppet animation is a series of British topical sketches that feature small clips of well known people talking. For example, there are a couple I have seen starring Ed Miliband... all I am going to say is I think they are pretty funny!
It is great to see these quick, light-hearted  sketches and that they are aimed at an adult audience. One of the reasons I picked this company was because of their audience diversity and the range in animation that is produced. The animations don't all look the same and they have such a difference in style, it is obvious the company take pride in their commitment to the quality of work they produce and that this is for such a vast range of viewers and genres.

I just think the design of these is hilarious and really fits in with the cartoon sketch feel of the performance. 

The Clangers - This classic made it's come back in June 2015 on the cbeebies channel. The response was incredible and hit number 1 in the UK's top children's programmes. As well as this the animation was successful in gaining Broadcast Awards Winner 2016 - Best Pre-School programme, British Animation Awards nominee 2016 - Best Pre-School series, Kidscreen nominee 2016 - Best animated series and BAFTA winner 2015 - Best Pre-School Animation.

I love the knitted look of the clangers and how the design has been kept the same as the original. This look is also great for the younger audience it is aimed at as it has that obvious real quality about it that kids will relate to. These models were made by the incredible Mackinnon and Saunders!

Scream Street - This is a horror / funny series about a boy and his family that get moved to a street named scream street, in which the neighbours consist of zombies, vampires, mummies, witches and monsters in general! Scream street was also nominated for the British Animation Awards 2016, Best Kids series.

I like the style of the puppets here, it is a more pristine, polished look which is very different to that of the clangers yet both are just as effective.

The company also did three specials for Disney, with the show club penguin. I like the style of these characters which are so bright with colour. I also like the way the mouths have been done for these characters in a more hand drawn look, it really suits the rest of the design. 

The simple shapes of the characters offer a beautiful design coupled with the colours.

As well as the above Factory have also worked on many other recognisable animations including Raa Raa the noisy lion, Fifi and the flowertots, Roary the racing car and children in need 'Peter Kay' (absolutely love Peter Kay) It is incredible that all these productions are extremely successful and yet each is unique in its design and style!

The company are very desirable in terms of me looking for where I would love to work because they offer so much opportunity within their workplace. They cover all genres of animation which would give an animator opportunity to experience the difference this makes on a performance with the character. They also They have four sites - with four fully functional stop motion studios as well as a CGI digital studio and a digital post production studio! 

Their work environment seems challenging and ever changing which I really like the sound of! 

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