Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Company Research 3

The third company I have chosen is called.....

I came across this directing duo whilst I was browsing an independent production company that I love the work of (there are so many to chose from!!) called Loose Moose. Whilst looking at the directors on their website I saw the name Catfish Collective and it stood out to me as the name is something a bit different!
Daniella Orsini and Joe Orton started working together in 2011 and their reason for being called Catfish Collective is because the year 2011 was the year of the catfish!
Daniella Orsini is a 'world-renowned cutter-outer' who made her first film with a Sony Mavika floppy disk camera taped to a pile of books! (this is similar to me when I first started in animation I was taping cameras to the sides of desks and all sorts!)
Joe Orton studied Chinese at Oxford before becoming an animator! They both love all things handmade and love fine detail: "Stories come alive in detail". They are also always on the look out for freelance artists, particularly model makers, which is extremely useful to know as I absolutely LOVE their work and the use of paper animation! It is incredibly effective and quite subtle too and just amazingly beautiful to look at!
Here is one of their Flora adverts below! I like the way that this is stop motion but it also has that beautiful hand drawn quality and it also combines real objects like the flora tub, butter and cakes.   
The company is made up of just the two of them, but they also join forces with many others to create these projects. As some examples, they have worked with Loose Moose, Belafonte and recently joined the team at Kode Media. 
They have two offices, one in East Ham, London and the other in Lewes, East Sussex. Although they are a small team they have produced a magnitude of work for customers such as:
Unilever, Danone, BBC, Nike, British Council, (below) Kelloggs, Microsoft, Vodafone, McDonalds, Deloitte, Gucci, Hawkins Bazaar, War Child, Edible arrangements, Zucker, Sucre, Zucchero....So many!!!

These paper sets were made for the British council active citizens programme
I just love the quality and look of these! Looking closely at the detail you can see that they have used various recognisable things but it looks like it belongs there!!

This is the final animation for the British Council - Active citizens! I think it is great, I know I have said it so many times already but I love the style of the paper animation it works so well!

On their blog they have a fair few posts about work that they have completed, one of them being a recreation of the 7th May election vote in 2015. Catfish Collective did their own version - the national bird election! It is a very clever little piece making a serious topic a little more fun and light hearted. 

Here is the short animation of the bird election!

Also on their blog they posted about a commercial in April 2015 that they were making alongside producer Kode media and live action directors Belafonte. The commercial is a combination of 2D and live action and from the pictures looks really exciting! 

I went onto Kode media's website where it has a few of Catfish collective's animations, again incredible stuff and inspiring in that their work makes me think a bit more outside the box. The use of paper and found objects has a certain energy and captivating look about it that is infectious!

If I had the chance to work for this talented pair in the future that would be insane, as well as being completely different in style to the other companies I have been searching I think in terms of pushing my skills in different directions this would be a wonderful way of doing so. I do have a little experience in paper animation, in which I really enjoyed it and so I have to say stumbling across this company and researching it has been a breath of fresh air!

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