Friday, 18 December 2015

Final Third Year Project

It has been a long time since I have made any posts about what I have been up to, apologies!!! Since being back at uni I have completed a project which involved after effects ( you can see the finished animation here: ) I also managed to get two extra weeks work experience on the latest film being made in Bridgend - 'Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires' where I was lucky to have a month there in the summer! Things are looking incredible there and I am excited to see it when it is finished!!! If you have the time check out the short film here: 

Now .. onto the latest project!

Me and another student at the university of South Wales, Nicole are currently working on a collaborative showreel/film piece! Its all very exciting! There are going to be a series of short sketches about two policemen: Good cop and Bad cop. Good cop is an OCD, old - fashioned man who is stuck in the past and obsesses over doing the job right. In complete contrast, Bad cop has hit a mid life crisis, recently divorced, he has given up his cares and does what the hell he likes. He is everything that infuriates Good cop; dirty, lazy, doesn't care about how the job is done as long as it is done quick so he can get back to smoking, drinking, eating his donuts - you get the picture!

We each took a character to develop, mine being the good cop! Here he is after the first colour test! 

Here are the two together!

I thought I would add this test with white lines instead of black for stylistic development!

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