Sunday, 10 May 2015

Second year major project pre production

This is a selection of my drawings and finished sheets from my current project, Sailing away. The story is based on a true story, of a girl and her Grandpa and their' adventures fishing. It focuses on a flashback technique where lily is remembering the good times with her Grandpa, who, in the present day has sadly passed away. The story is about the love and friendship they share, through their journey of fishing on 'the rusty blue'.

  Observational drawings for my character Lily. These were a mixture of found photos and my own research photos.

looking at different shapes for Lily's head and her hair - how aging can be shown 

Originally i was looking at the shape of toddlers and pushing the proportions.

Different shapes made out of a single stroke of watercolour. This is looking at the development of my other character, Grandpa Charlie.

initial ideas for the head of the grandpa

different body shapes for Lily - trying to push past the ordinary shape of a human 

Above, bottom left, my developed character for Grandpa Charlie.

Lily still needs some work, but the body in the top right and the head to the left are what i am working on at the minute.

initial prop studies above

simplistic silhouettes

size comparison

above, looking at simple shapes digital and painted

my final character for Lily aged 5 at the bottom

looking at the profile, 3/4 and back views

It is important in my animation that the ageing gets across to the audience, so above are ways in which i plan to get this across, productively without reproducing the puppets as this will be costly both in money and also time. 

in situ tests for how the characters will look in their' environment

different stages of how each character will look growing older

first armature plans

contour lines to help me understand the shape of the characters. this will be useful when making my Marquette

watercolour studies of props and characters - further development

different background tests
ball and socket armature plans

above are my turnarounds for Lily, younger and older. I am really pleased with the difference between the two for the time i want to show in the story

expression s for Lily

I am really pleased with my turnarounds for Charlie. I feel the ageing works well, but he still looks like the same character. 

poses - some are in the story some i did for better understanding of the characters and their relationship 

Final finished in situ image of my characters and environment. I am really happy with all my work to this point, it will work well in stop motion. 

Final props

The next stage is to sculpt my characters, and then begin to make the armatures. I will keep posting all about it as it is going on! 

I also decided to keep things simpler with the faces, as replaceable faces (as much i want to push myself to do them) isn't very necessary for this project and the characters have very small changes in the face rather than loads of dialogue.

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