Tuesday, 23 December 2014

It has been a while! meet Charlie the Monkey Man!

Our latest project has been a character re development task, from the original drawings that local school children did. They were told to listen to a voice clip and draw who they thought the character would be. 

This was my original (on the right) next to my interpretation! My characters description was that he liked to help people.

Some character poses 

 colour turnaround

My Maquette - made from grey Plasticine over tinfoil with a wire frame. A 7 in steel rod runs through the centre of this bolted into the wood base 

There is wire in the cape to keep it in the right position

 Charlie sitting in his bedroom! I designed this room to mimic his love for helping people and his admiration for super heroes, in particular super man

With the lighting - He is playing a game in the voice clip so i decided he would be on the x box. he is facing a t.v screen, so i applied lighting from three angles one direct and two either side, all pretty much front facing. This is so that it can appear like the t.v is the only thing lighting the room and casting the shadows on the back walls. I will edit the animation in after effects to make it look as if it is a t.v flicker

This is the final look for the animation after it has been edited in after effects

 I will upload the final animation soon so stay tuned! In the mean time here is a shot of the test animation from one of the angles in the final piece, showing the flicker of the t.v :) enjoy

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