Saturday, 31 May 2014

First year Showreel

A special thanks to all my family, friends and tutors for your support, to Jake Cornford for voicing Steve and Thomas Trueman for the music!

Final Film 1st year

I was lucky to be nominated for 'most promising first year' in the 20th Glammies awards! I didn't win, but it was just amazing to see my work on the big screen, the whole show was fantastic and there were so many talented people! Well done to all the winners! Here is my final character project animation, i'd like to thank my Dad  - my inspiration, also Jake Cornford who voiced Steve and to Thomas Trueman for letting me use your amazing music! Thanks to my family, friends and tutors for all the support over this year! Its been awesome!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Just a little sketch of my Niece

During Easter we took Lily to a kids farm and play area. It gave me chance to draw the animals and spend some quality time with Lily! It also was a great opportunity to draw Lily herself whilst she was running round looking at the animals!

Ready to Animate!

 These are pictures of the latex hands and feet, I did struggle with the latex but eventually managed to get a decent pair of hands and boots! 

Adding the boots to Steve! (left) and right a picture of Steve all finished standing on my animating table with his magnets attached. 

Finished! I am so pleased with my character! Now to animate!