Thursday, 24 April 2014

Steve the builder's progress

This is Steve with all his padding (wadding and foam) and his head which is made from balsa wood.

I began by pinning sections of material to Steve to create the jumper. I used a navy material as i thought it would work nicely against the fluorescent vest.

Here is his hi vis vest before it was sewed!

His vest took all day but was worth it! It has wire running all the way round to help support it when Steve is wearing it. 

Steve with all his clothes on! 

I kept the paint on Steve's face very neutral, and just added a little pink to his cheeks for a rosy look!

Here's Steve with all his tools, and wearing his hard hat! (made out of a bottle top) All that is left to do is attach his eyebrows, make some mouths and cast his latex boots and hands back at uni! I am so pleased with Steve!

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