Monday, 14 April 2014

Moulding and Casting Steve's hands and boots

       This is the beginning of the process of making the hands and boots out of latex. I will finish this when i get back after Easter.
       I began by making my desired hand and boot shapes out of Plasticine, i then moulded the hands into a clay base, making sure all the gaps were sealed. After doing this i created four walls around the clay keeping them bound with hot glue so there were no gaps. The next step was to mix some plaster, then carefully pouring it into one corner of the mould so that less air bubbles are formed. Once this was set, i turned the cast over, cleaned the cast with water and repeated the walls around the cast. With a paint brush i brushed Vaseline all over the cast so that it was easier to separate the two casts later on. Mixing a second bowl of plaster i poured this over the other cast and left it to harden. When done i had 2 separate casts for my hands ready to latex. (it is also important to make 'keys' in the mould - in the clay i pressed a round object into all four corners so that the casts can fit neatly together)
     The boots were less complicated - I placed them in the middle of four secure walls with a piece of wire sticking out the top of the Plasticine. (where the leg will be)  I then simply poured plaster over the boot until it came just over the top of the boot.

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