Friday, 14 February 2014

Next Project ... AFTER TOKYO :D

A POLAR BEAR!!!!!!!!  I will be animating my favourite animal when i come back from Tokyo! But for now its onto the packing! When i am in Tokyo i hope to visit plenty of cultural places, as well as the Oenu Zoo and Studio Ghibli :D

Animal Studies - Snowy Owl

 I absolutely LOVE owls, so when given this project there was no question what i wanted to animate!!! There are plenty of things that i would change if i were to do this again, i was on a tight deadline as i am off to Tokyo on Sunday!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Drawings for Animals brief

These are some observational drawings of a snowy owl, which i am currently studying for my brief to animate a bird take off, flying cycle and land.

Animating table

I went home this weekend for my sisters 18th as a surprise! So on Sunday me and my Dad made a small animating table from MDF and a perforated steel sheet, so that if i need to animate ( if the stop mo room is occupied ) i can do as i also have stop mo pro plus too. Thank you to my Dad for your time and skills in helping me make this i absolutely love it! xxx