Sunday, 26 January 2014


My current project is to replicate the human walking, throwing and pushing. I had quite a few problems with the armature itself along the way, but overall i am pleased with the outcome. I feel i used my reference videos of myself well and it is clear what i am portraying here.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Making an armature for figurative

This was the process of making my armature for my walking, pushing and throwing motions. I have had to re do the body since, re - enforcing it with k and s for the support of the arms and legs. 

Life Drawing for human in motion

These are a few life drawings for human in motion including walk, push and throw. These were also relevant to my current project - figurative.

Mechanics and Timings

For this project i had to replicate the movement of a bouncing ball, cannon ball, moving car with aerial and a caterpillar. It was all to understand the timing of animation.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sound Sync group project

Our first group project!!! We had 10 seconds each of sound to break down, and communication was essential to figure out the best way to transition to each animation. I t was a great project and i feel that my group worked well as a team.

Character Design Project

This was my first go at character design, i came up with Gaz - a gangster Gazelle who targets his usual predators in an attempt for pay back after loosing his family in a tragic accident.

Lily and the Butterfly

I did this animation for my final project of foundation. I made it based on my just turned one year old (at the time) niece, studying her behaviour and her personality, as well as using her voice for the sound. 

Counting to 10 Animation

This was my first lip sync exercise, I recorded a friend counting to ten (she misses out a few).

Papercut animation

Over Christmas 2012 i was given a passage from 'a child's Christmas in Wales' by Dylan Thomas. I chose a section and animated it using a 3d papercut technique.

Cat and the Christmas tree

This is my animation about a cat who is mischievous and climbs up a christmas tree, based on a true story. I used collage and ink.

Animal animations

Studying 3 animals, we had to produce short animations of studies of their movements.This was using card and a select colour scheme.

Foundation art - Drawn animation

This animation was based on a book paragraph, with the objective to tell the audience a little about the book, as if it were a blurb.