Tuesday, 23 December 2014

It has been a while! meet Charlie the Monkey Man!

Our latest project has been a character re development task, from the original drawings that local school children did. They were told to listen to a voice clip and draw who they thought the character would be. 

This was my original (on the right) next to my interpretation! My characters description was that he liked to help people.

Some character poses 

 colour turnaround

My Maquette - made from grey Plasticine over tinfoil with a wire frame. A 7 in steel rod runs through the centre of this bolted into the wood base 

There is wire in the cape to keep it in the right position

 Charlie sitting in his bedroom! I designed this room to mimic his love for helping people and his admiration for super heroes, in particular super man

With the lighting - He is playing a game in the voice clip so i decided he would be on the x box. he is facing a t.v screen, so i applied lighting from three angles one direct and two either side, all pretty much front facing. This is so that it can appear like the t.v is the only thing lighting the room and casting the shadows on the back walls. I will edit the animation in after effects to make it look as if it is a t.v flicker

This is the final look for the animation after it has been edited in after effects

 I will upload the final animation soon so stay tuned! In the mean time here is a shot of the test animation from one of the angles in the final piece, showing the flicker of the t.v :) enjoy

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Glammies Stings

These are the Stings for the 20th Glammies!

Ideas - All
Concept development, script and story-boarding - Bailie and Nicole
Set Design and making - Sophie
Model making and felting - Sarah and Nicole with help from Bailie and Nicola ( me )
Animating - Nicola ( me )

Saturday, 31 May 2014

First year Showreel

A special thanks to all my family, friends and tutors for your support, to Jake Cornford for voicing Steve and Thomas Trueman for the music!

Final Film 1st year

I was lucky to be nominated for 'most promising first year' in the 20th Glammies awards! I didn't win, but it was just amazing to see my work on the big screen, the whole show was fantastic and there were so many talented people! Well done to all the winners! Here is my final character project animation, i'd like to thank my Dad  - my inspiration, also Jake Cornford who voiced Steve and to Thomas Trueman for letting me use your amazing music! Thanks to my family, friends and tutors for all the support over this year! Its been awesome!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Just a little sketch of my Niece

During Easter we took Lily to a kids farm and play area. It gave me chance to draw the animals and spend some quality time with Lily! It also was a great opportunity to draw Lily herself whilst she was running round looking at the animals!

Ready to Animate!

 These are pictures of the latex hands and feet, I did struggle with the latex but eventually managed to get a decent pair of hands and boots! 

Adding the boots to Steve! (left) and right a picture of Steve all finished standing on my animating table with his magnets attached. 

Finished! I am so pleased with my character! Now to animate!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Steve the builder's progress

This is Steve with all his padding (wadding and foam) and his head which is made from balsa wood.

I began by pinning sections of material to Steve to create the jumper. I used a navy material as i thought it would work nicely against the fluorescent vest.

Here is his hi vis vest before it was sewed!

His vest took all day but was worth it! It has wire running all the way round to help support it when Steve is wearing it. 

Steve with all his clothes on! 

I kept the paint on Steve's face very neutral, and just added a little pink to his cheeks for a rosy look!

Here's Steve with all his tools, and wearing his hard hat! (made out of a bottle top) All that is left to do is attach his eyebrows, make some mouths and cast his latex boots and hands back at uni! I am so pleased with Steve!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Moulding and Casting Steve's hands and boots

       This is the beginning of the process of making the hands and boots out of latex. I will finish this when i get back after Easter.
       I began by making my desired hand and boot shapes out of Plasticine, i then moulded the hands into a clay base, making sure all the gaps were sealed. After doing this i created four walls around the clay keeping them bound with hot glue so there were no gaps. The next step was to mix some plaster, then carefully pouring it into one corner of the mould so that less air bubbles are formed. Once this was set, i turned the cast over, cleaned the cast with water and repeated the walls around the cast. With a paint brush i brushed Vaseline all over the cast so that it was easier to separate the two casts later on. Mixing a second bowl of plaster i poured this over the other cast and left it to harden. When done i had 2 separate casts for my hands ready to latex. (it is also important to make 'keys' in the mould - in the clay i pressed a round object into all four corners so that the casts can fit neatly together)
     The boots were less complicated - I placed them in the middle of four secure walls with a piece of wire sticking out the top of the Plasticine. (where the leg will be)  I then simply poured plaster over the boot until it came just over the top of the boot.

Practice model and armature plan

 This is a small model of the head i did (ignore the colour!) to see how Steve will look from all angles. The armature plan is on the right, with a few of the body pieces that I've made already. Tomorrow i plan to assemble my armature and begin to pad him out!

Steve the Builder

For our final project we are doing character exploration, with a walk, lip sync and performance. My character Steve, is based on my Dad who is a builder (he doesn't look like this though!)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Polar Bear Animation

This is my final animation for my Polar Bear! I am really happy with the movement, it could be a little slower but overall i am pleased with it! The end was the last part i did, and i feel this shows in the quality of the walk, timing and movement.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Life Drawing

 The above are quick studies of the model.
 The above i used watercolour, experimenting with using colour and pencil/pen over the top.

I have also practiced with marker pen, and the last is an attempt at a self portrait using what i have learnt in lesson.

Animating time!

  I have been animating for a few days now! So far so good! At the beginning it was difficult to manage the walk, but i feel i have managed to get used to the armature itself and the results are a lot better!  Tomorrow i will be carrying on with the beginning and end of the animation, before re visiting the walk on Thursday/ Friday.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Polar Bear armature

I have just finished making my polar bear armature ready to animate tomorrow :) I need to keep the arms and legs as steady as possible as they are on separate pieces of wire to the spine.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Next Project ... AFTER TOKYO :D

A POLAR BEAR!!!!!!!!  I will be animating my favourite animal when i come back from Tokyo! But for now its onto the packing! When i am in Tokyo i hope to visit plenty of cultural places, as well as the Oenu Zoo and Studio Ghibli :D

Animal Studies - Snowy Owl

 I absolutely LOVE owls, so when given this project there was no question what i wanted to animate!!! There are plenty of things that i would change if i were to do this again, i was on a tight deadline as i am off to Tokyo on Sunday!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Drawings for Animals brief

These are some observational drawings of a snowy owl, which i am currently studying for my brief to animate a bird take off, flying cycle and land.